Majnu: (To Uday, disbelief in his voice.) Majnu threatened you? And if you want to get beaten up then call again. Death was so painful that she died in sorrow. I will protect you. Let's get to the crematorium! ', 'His only dream is to get Sanjana married into a respectable family. And when I call him, he doesn't take my call. Do one thing. Hey, you! Because of Iravati, you entered the crime world, right? I have neither sold a potato since morning nor an onion. Do you understand? Lucky, no! But who am I? Yes, brother has fixed a meeting over there. So what should I do? That Ghungroo is a greater villain than Uday and Majnu. What would the sister be like if the brother is a gangster? ...he'll pay the remaining 30 million in court. This famous painting was painted in 1995 by Sumit Chatterjee and... 55,000 dollars! Get up or else you'll sleep forever! Well this painting is called, Rocking Horse! Now you will not pay me 50 but 60 million! Below are the list of some best comedy dialogue of Welcome hindi film. But we should pray that her family is very decent. Can't he talk with some respect? When we told him our love story, he said it's all right... ...he is Suniel Shetty, she is Sanjana Shetty and... ...also Uday Shetty and he said he was ready. Yes. Then where has love disappeared from our lives? I don't know what to do! ", "Say you want to, want to say want to love me baby. On one hand are your sister and her happiness. With this scene so early in the film, you connect with these gangsters in an unexpected way - through their friendship. He has also destroyed your dream of being an actor. Don't touch him anymore. Of course but is she really your real sister? But it's also incredibly funny in portions. With Uday, he hatches a plan to help Uday win the confidence of Rajiv's family - through blackmail. You just told me twice that you're brother Majnu! Follow. And I will talk to his family in my own style. Can't you understand where I am, who am I talking to... Ballu Prasad, tell him what happens when I get angry! Rajiv, please. But uncle, they could have said it to us politely. Suniel Shetty is also here? Sinner, I am not your sister but your wife! Ask him what if one of them had struck my uncle? Which madam? ', 'But why will a guy from a respectable family marry a don's sister? ...maybe I could not understand peoples' sorrow. Yes sir. So you're not opposed to the alliance but the relatives. Lucky, listen to me. I will study the surroundings. You've found a new problem for me, haven't you? Only white-collared people have been invited. Is everything ready? Well, it's time to bid goodbye to 2020 and welcome the new year 2021. He keeps refusing all the proposals that come his way. Were you trying to cremate him without informing me? It was a mistake. Everyone come in the middle. Brother Uday, we all will be dead. Get up or else.. DR. GHUNGROO: My name is Ghungroo, but nobody can mess with me. Moreover, when will I be of any help? Yes, sure. God has given us everything. Sanjana, quiet! Perfect! Will you shoot me? Sister, I was told that this alliance is being forced upon you. What should I do with him? Dad, he's trying to rip my head off, dad. Enough! Why can't I? Sir, all the arrangements have been made. Whether you accept our proposal or not is up to you... ...but I can't deceive decent people like you. It won't come to you so easily. See brother Uday's palm and tell him that tomorrow's plans are canceled. He'll pacify him and bring him along. I will take care of it. How do I stop? It's you! There are many such scenes in the film where Majnu and Uday - clearly good friends - share good times together or have a hearty laugh in an unexpected situation. All of us will die! I'm telling you for the last time! ...I would lose respect in the underworld. The horse won't stop on its own! Whenever I take up the accounts... Hello! Your shot. I'm staying awake just to make a painting for you. You brought me here! How dare you straighten up our men, Majnu and Uday! I have also found out from Sanjana's friends... ...that Sanjana's brother is a big shot of the city. She will marry only once! I wish I could meet him. I used to be a..... Tell him what happened at the film's inauguration. Why haven't they come out? God has given us everything! We should have met long before. Control! I can tolerate him. I am glad to meet you, Uday. How can we make all arrangements so soon? Brother, they will get wet if it rains outside. We'll go home! I can die for you. More than the girl, I feel bad for the family. Board members plan and execute SAA's many events each year--from academic-political dialogue to Ghungroo, the largest student-run production at Harvard. "Everybody come, welcome! You had said I should get introduced to him. My nephew's marriage has been fixed with the sister of... ...the person throwing this party and who owns this hotel. There's still some decency in this world. KAPOOR: - We used to supply drugs to him. It's a girl's drape. Looks like I may have to kill you! I don't have any objection to this alliance. Why is this woman breaking her bangles? The director removed Suniel Shetty and took boss as the hero. I have neither sold a potato since morning nor half an onion. Isha, tell him! But she doesn't look so hot. ", ...I don't know where I went and how but I kind of like you! I'm here to apply for the job of your personal secretary. Please, listen to me! You spoiled our men? You too arrange for 10 million by evening. What do you mean? I'll not spare him! Then so do I. It's very nice of you that you came. I'm sitting on a hefty profit! And his family too likes Sanjana. ", "The day I met you, my whole life changed. Destiny brings Sanjana and Rajiv together and they fall in love. Come on! Boss, forget this middleman. No, uncle is dead! And because of your art, you may, you know... will find the girl with a name starting with an 'I'. Wonderful! Don't. ', talk about the alliance to respectable people.'. Ghungroo! Spotlights. If you had to accept this proposal then what was wrong with ours? Rajiv, looks like we won't be able to reform him. Idiot! Oh my God! Our wives have run away! (Neigh). If you ever try to cross my way...'re going to have it from me and my relative. ' can be sure that she belongs to a respectable family.'. You shouted as if brother Majnu had threatened you. Salutations, sir! Walk to him. He said he can pick anyone from the streets.. No, no! For how long should I face the trouble caused by your mistakes? Cancel the shooting? I apologize for all the bad things we have done to you. What will you tell me? Who is she? I'm leaving. You do good service to the people. Boss, forgive me now! Hey, hurry up. Mr. Ghungroo? Note down what I say. If he wants to scare anyone, he calls me up to tell my story. I am leaving. He is very stubborn. Who is decent, honest and belongs to a respectable family. And if you can't do it then I have no other option but to kill myself. I am not joking. Why not? Oh come on. Which stupid person is barking out so loudly? She'll not just try but she gives her guarantee. Brother, you can't tolerate this man! That is when the idea of foot percussion came about and I sent a proposal to a fellowship programme initiated by … It turns out that Ghungroo does indeed have a bachelor stepson, but he’s far from the decent candidate Uday and Majnu want for Ranjhana. Maybe we'll never find about that secret. And this is my first and last warning to you. Is Sanjana your real sister? There's no shame in getting naked in front of a doctor! I have an artificial limb. How are you going to kill his uncle? When did Lucky get married? I had told you this house is illegal, not me. You fool! You don't get it.. Lucky still lives in our hearts! That is right. I don't want to listen to anything. Boss, there are only decent people in the party. - Why? Miss Ishika, what did you see in this painting that others didn't? Like this. Organized by movies, stars, categories and much more. In the Bollywood movie, Dr Dayal Ghungroo (the character played by Paresh Rawal) says this dialogue to Sagar Pandey (the character played by Anil Kapoor) when the don tries to extort ₹4 crores from him. Hey nephew, will you come and save me after I die? Majnu: (On speaker phone) Hello, Ghungroo sir, how is your business doing? May his soul rest in peace! I hope you have heard my name before! Okay? Contact Us HARVARD SOUTH ASIAN ASSOCIATION. Your blood. Required Cookies & Technologies. Have you gone mad? You've already started to dance? What if Sanjana's brother gave up crime and became a decent person? Too late! You've found a very decent family! He was not passing it to save his lover so I took it. When the music stops whoever is holding the parcel has to sing. Somehow try to make him fall in the valley. Take it out. ON TV: Law, police, administration, helpless people. This film is making a strong case for being one of Bollywood’s timeless classic comedies. By the way, you have created this problem. Old man? But doctor, he will surely die, wouldn't he? Do you understand? We have made plans to spend the evening together. I have found such a girl who I've been searching for since years. The biggest, meanest and funniest bunch of 2015 is here! (Closes phone.). We'll go and meet him. That means Mr. RDX won't get a chance to talk to his son. He is thinking about it now. Haven't you earned a lot of money by arranging such marriages? Welcome Back's ridiculousness peaks at the climax, with scenes like Abraham running over the backs of an angry herd of camels and Shah regaining his eyesight after a knock on the head due to helicopter-bombs. May his soul rest in peace! I just look dangerous. You have to move! ...I can't tolerate if anyone insults my father. Hey Lucky, where the hell do you think you are going, son? Brother Majnu, boss' photograph has also appeared in the papers! Welcome Back Movie Famous Dialogue Lyrics: Welcome Back (2015) is an Indian action comedy Hindi film featuring Nana Patekar (Uday Shetty), Anil Kapoor (Majnu Bhai), John Abraham (Ajju Bhai), Shruti Hassan (Ranjana Shetty) on lead role along with Naseeruddin Shah (Wanted Bhai), Paresh Rawal (Dr. Ghungroo), Dimple Kapadia, Shiney Ahuja etc on supporting role. You disappeared after fixing the alliance with brother Uday, didn't you? Boss, justice has been done. Sold! O God! If I had known you were on the phone, would I talk like that? Who told you to join this game? Naturally their first port of call is Dr. Ghungroo (Paresh Rawal), whose nephew married Uday’s other sister in Welcome. DR. GHUNGROO: Yes, go on! There's no shame in getting naked in front of a doctor! Sanjana, he's the same guy! NARRATOR:'This is Sanjana's brother, Uday Shetty. Throw it in the water. Why didn't I see the emperor sitting over here? Once he says anything, it is the final word. Some of the technologies we use are necessary for critical functions like security and site integrity, account authentication, security and privacy preferences, internal site usage and maintenance data, and to make the site work correctly for browsing and transactions. He is crazy! Stop! No! 25,000 dollars! Broken the alliance? Majnu: You fool! Because I love someone else and soon I am going to get engaged. You deceived me with so much of love, that I was laughing at my own destruction. You have to pull the bridle. He was talking so rudely with Mr. Suniel Shetty. Should I dial his phone number? I hope you don't mind me calling you Sagar. Sir, madam wants to meet you. You're shooting with me from tomorrow or else you are out of the film. I am asking for protection money! Get ready! I'm not dead yet! I want a full background of this decent guy! No spoilers. Brother, Sanjana's birthday is on the 13th and I think... ...we should keep the engagement on the same day. I hope you don't mind me calling you Uday. Nobody would believe this is your first film and first day of shooting. That in order to acquire your love you will surely win this battle. I worked so hard to get to that guy. Okay, try! Uncle, not behind, but come in the middle. Without stopping the horse, you will jump, fall down and ask? ...are selecting and which you are rejecting.. Come on, I'll show you. He's taking me on!?! 5 Reasons That Prove Bollywood Is the Most Entertaining and Famous Industry! Sir, if you want to change your decision then do it. During our times, parents used to talk, but... No, it's no problem. This is your son. You, your uncle and your aunt! Yes! Yes but it doesn't stop! DR. GHUNGROO: Yes, go on! You just told me twice that you're "Majnu bhai! I got an invitation for the engagement ceremony... ...but where is Rajiv and his family? That man has withdrawn the police complaint. Get lost from here. But come to the engagement ceremony along with him! Do you want to make my wife a widow? In this Bollywood movie, Payal Ghungroo (the character played by Supriya Karnik) says this dialogue after she realises that her husband Dr Dayal Ghungroo is still alive which is contrary to the situation a few moments ago when his body was lying on the pile of wood for cremation. I am a respectable person. By the grace of God, nobody can trouble us in this city. Anees Bazmee directed Welcome was released in 2007. Pundit, we'll think of the wedding date later. What would I do by regaining consciousness? Hey, don't forget, it's the matter of our sister's life. If you don't deliver 50 million by 5 tomorrow evening... ...your family of three would become family of 6! "If you see me coming, better step aside. Do not cry. Really. ", "You are unique. Take it easy. Some of the technologies we use are necessary for critical functions like security and site integrity, account authentication, security and privacy preferences, internal site usage and maintenance data, and to make the site work correctly for browsing and transactions. You were crying with your head on my chest. Don't go all at once! Like us they are not here to plan how to get away from gangsters. The great artist is amongst us. And after getting up he says, he is still alive. I have told him that his son has been shot and he is in this hospital. The shop's closed down forever. Your majesty, have mercy on me! He took my cycle! (Tyre Screech). No, I had gone to make arrangements for the engagement... ...and the marriage. But I have my reservations about the relatives. Humans have to face the punishments for their sins in this live itself. His day starts with the sound of gunshots! I am getting nervous. She is the wife of the dead body! What should I explain to him? I'll not spare him! Service. And he won't now. 60,000, dollars! You still have time! Do you know whom you are talking to? ...if we go to a house with a proposal we won't be refused. Rajiv! Shetty and Shetty! They will regret it for the rest of their lives. Dr. Ghungroo: All right! Let him speak! One shouldn't make fun of someone's misfortune. I don't mean outdoors. There are a lot of comedy and funny dialogues in Welcome movie. Do you have guts? It means his time is up. Correct. That's why I'll solve this matter myself. He can't ride a horse! And failing, mostly, to find them. What about the future? If we had stayed there, either we would be dead or... would have been forced to get married. ‘Welcome Back’, minus Akshay and Katrina, plus John and Shruti, and Dimple and a new girl, and Naseer and Shiney, clomps about, looking for the laughs. Hello Mr. Uday. This is too much! You're right. The 2007 masala comedy Welcome features an all-star cast with hilarious and ridiculous moments that both the audience and the on-screen characters enjoy. I mean in some exhibitions or auctions. Couldn't you make him wait for half an hour more? Aren't these the same people whose proposal we had refused? Once your alliance is fixed with his sister... ...he will deal with Majnu and Shetty. May his soul rest in peace! This painting! We will not move! And as far as licentiousness is concerned... Mr. Ghungroo, the world has changed so much... ...that if a girl doesn't have half a dozen boyfriends... ...then she is not considered a beautiful. I'm giving a party. You will make Brother Uday beg? Shoot him dad. What are you doing in this party? ", "A lot of them didn't. ", "I gaze at you day and night. He caused the fire! Then he is our provider. 50,000 dollars, two! Uncle, I don't want to look at this ugly girl! Welcome Back review: ‘Welcome’ had a welcome lightness in most of its steps. Go faster! Along with singing you also have to dance. I'll tell him I wanted my nephew to marry your sister... ...but what can I do? I'll tell him everything. We have found such a decent and honest groom. "To the party come and welcome.". Have mercy on me! I found it. What can I do? How did your daddy come here? What happened to uncle! It is important that you attend the meeting. I want to tell you something! (Chuckles). He can't do it. How much faster do I have to run? They are all idiots! The matter has gone so far and we didn't even know about it. Tamil Entertainment. He came to my shop and threatened me! Salutations, sir! Why? Very good! #majnu #ghungroo #dialogue #welcome #movie #tedhe_kandhe #bollywood1millionaudition #tiktok #musically You red matchstick. Business is good! Let go off your sister-in-law's arm! He is above everyone over here. ...burden of another and love it so much! Did you fall in love with a girl when you were 18 years old? But first introduce me to the bride. If he could, he would make us dance to his tune. Please, save me, dad. I have a nephew. Why wouldn't I? Your brother Majnu! He beat up the director and the producer! But you still have time. And neither do I want to give him anything. But the pundit didn't tell us about your businesses. Saw that! But now you will come on horseback with 25 of your men. The film stars Akshay Kumar and Katrina Kaif, but the characters Uday Shetty, Majnu Bhai, Dr. Ghungroo… I'm a doctor by profession but I also carry out some illegal work. We know the variation. We won't move! In the underworld, RDX is well known for bestowing justice. Oh yes! Majnu, if you had come seconds earlier... What will happen to the guy in my painting? I'm losing my footing! You're right! You come back immediately! Yes, my real name is Sagar. But the horse doesn't stop. Yes Mr. Shetty! You'll see that the moment he sees me he'll fall at my feet! ...that's why my hospital is running a loss. Okay, don't hit him. You know, he is half mad. Enough! Rajiv! As per your information there should not have been anyone here. I can't live without him! Yes. This girl is not a problem but a solution to your problem. In this coat-pocket. Yes, he is the hero. Boss, looks like this heroine has fallen in love with you. In fact your name should start with a 'S.'. Here's my phone. Hey Mr. Ghungroo, this is amazing! The important thing is, she belongs to a respectable family. And it's no fault of mine. Take my word. First meet Sanjana's future fiance. - I knew it! This is I. Your uncle is great! Do you know whom you are talking to? And my nephew is the greatest loafer of all. I thought someone was fooling around with me on the phone. Who are they? I didn't know she would come here after so many years. Uncle! My father is behind bars since six years. Madam, your shot is ready. ...what will happen to brother Uday's image? Wealth, fame and respect. And you want 40? There is nothing to gain from it. I can't find Ghungroo! What is it? So now we can tell him anything but the truth. But Ghunghroo, at the very first opportunity, gets Rajiv to fall in love with another young woman in Sun City, South Africa. Frankly, we don't deserve such decent family like yours. "Say you want to, want to say, want to love." Will you kill his entire family? Eight years after ‘Welcome’, the crew is back. Inauguration? Rajiv, don't be foolish! Yes, yes. They will look after her. I shouldn't ask this but I can't help it. Check out Welcome Back (2015) movie review, rating & box Office. Fine. I am sorry, sir. I lost my heart to you.". ', 'In order to plan how we can get rid of gangsters like you?'. Mount the horse and it will take care of the rest. 23590 3892. I had told you earlier that I'd not do this film without a bound script. Ruined! Brother, you know if I try to explain to the director... ...and being a crack-pot, he may stop the film. Aunt, why isn't he regaining consciousness? And that's his uncle. I have changed but I will not spare Rajiv. Brothers Uday Bhai and Manju Bhai have left the underworld, and have started their own business ventur Welcome Back movie reviews - Welcome Back is a sequel to the 2007 comedy Welcome. This man! What can he do? Brother Uday! I will not rest until I get this drape. Alumni. You're breaking the alliance? If you liked this, check out our other Dialogues posts. The girl's father is here! Welcome released worldwide on 21 December 2007, to mixed critical reviews, and despite initial competition from Taare Zameen Par, was a strong financial success at the box office both in India and overseas. There you go. Welcome Back is an Indian action comedy film directed by Ane..... .View more! I will pick someone from the streets and make him a star! Our brother Uday? I have earned this money in many years. Are you really going to cremate me? Listen, Mr. Majnu! Look, I am not at fault. If you don't work with me would I get bankrupt? He did not shoot Lucky, but I did. He survives after being shot six times, thrice. Sanjana's engagement has been fixed on the 13th. Draupadi's sari? Is something burning? Take this luggage inside. Nobody can even touch my boss! Get away! Uncle! Where is he? You get ladies dresses here not empty boxes! Nobody will move from his or her place. A box means ten million rupees! Brother Majnu will surely kill me by tomorrow. There has been one more murder because extortion money was not paid! Then ask him. - Sagar. What happened, why are you tongue-tied now? Tera Baap Yaha Chhod Ke Gaya Tha Ki Teri Maa – Welcome Meme Template. Humorous Dialogues: A Phone Conversation Gone Hilariously Wrong (Welcome), « Aamir Khan Proves He's Top Dog in Dhoom Tap (Dhoom 3), 5 Quirky Comedies To Watch If You Are New To Bollywood ». Let's go! Enough! Mr. Ghungroo, everything happens as we wish and decide over here. Is somebody there to help me? Go inside. Dialogues by movies, stars, categories and much more. This is not my stubbornness but my compulsion. He said he finds it difficult to inflate them. Fast. (Neigh).'ve been thinking about that girl a lot. Aunt, you know why I don't want to get married. That's all right. No uncle, you can't look at him! But it is my responsibility to wake him. Remove his trousers! Please. He has taken all our troubles upon himself. It's an auspicious day. Sir, forgive me! Not on us but at least have mercy on the horses! This Jodhpur coat I am wearing to show you how decent I am... ...was too tight around my neck and preventing me from speaking up. In sorrow nobody knows who is crying on whose chest. I'll kill each and every one of you! They have no decency. 53 Reasons We Love SRK #HappyBirthdaySRK, 5 More Best of Bollywood Films to Watch on Netflix If You Are New To Bollywood, 5 Years After SRK Named South Korea Goodwill Ambassador, A Look at 5 K-Dramas, 5 More Films to Watch on Netflix If You Are New To Bollywood, Changing the Equation for India (Parmanu: The Story of Pokhran), 5 Hindi Films to Watch on Netflix If You Are New To Bollywood, A Mother, a Daughter and a Tenacious Tiger: Baaghi 2, Filming India (Travel, Celebrations, Events), 2112 South Buchanan Street, Arlington, VA 22206 USA. Look at that! Why do you get angry with such a small matter? And this camera has recognized the actor within you. Cut it! My sister had got them married. Why? I was trying since two hours... ...but you made him do it in two minutes. And if you want to get beaten up then call again. And you are a doctor. Why are you holding it? What stupid hero have I taken in my film? This is my husband. ', 'What would the sister be like if the brother is a gangster? Posted at 05:44 AM in Anil Kapoor, Bollywood-Hindi cinema, Dialogues, Paresh Rawal, Welcome | Permalink. I'm going right away! Just a kid! Nobody! If he is punished for my sins then I will hate myself forever. All right, boss. You should also leave this world of sin and crime. Ghungroo. My sister has fallen in love with someone else. Why should we? This is Majnu bhai! Frankfinn, the world's number air-hostess training institute... organizing Frankfinn Smart Woman Contest. Your Majesty, I beg of you to give me back my husband. Brother, come aside for a moment. He has made a cartoon out of decent people! Comedy dialogues (page 2) from Bollywood Films and their English translation. Good judge of people! The priest, who was supposed to conduct the cremation... Heard what boss just said? You look very happy today. We have got an alliance with so much difficulty. Looks like you are in greater hurry than me. Come on, pundit. He was going to form an alliance with the underworld. I don't know what they think of themselves. I don't even know you! Underworld don, Uday Shetty is the hero? Update your status with these amazing attitude quotes and thoughts. Main I have fixed the alliance. What was lacking in my love? But he took the blame on himself so that I may not face any trouble. Now you want me to forget him? I was not able you explain to you properly how decent he is. It's really difficult to bring tears in your eyes without glycerin. Greetings, sister. You have to stop it. Where are you throwing the rope? Brother, I'll introduce my family to you whenever you want. He got fewer balloons on boss' birthday. - What happened? Yes. Strip him naked! But after seeing tears in his eyes I can say one thing for sure... ...if you don't stop these tears there'll be floods in the city. The rest of the film features the humorous trials and tribulations of these families as they try to come together or stay apart. Boss, there's good news for you! A westerner's appreciation for Indian film - stories, songs, stars. Instead of demanding money, he would have given you some. You're right. You've again brought me to a wrong place. Sir, your Majnu is here. "Super girl." Okay, so it's going for 70,000 dollars to bidder number 13. Culusow Motors Co Ltd is private Business Company Established in November 2011, By Group of Somali Business Men Due to for a need to import of cheap vehicle with High quality Don't ever go back on it. It's nothing like that. Uncle, what did you promise before the villagers? (Chuckles). I am tired of being refused for my sister's proposal from everyone. She hasn't even married once! I found a spray to kill them. If I were a good judge... ...would I ever get married to her? "My lonely moments are lost in your thoughts. Who can keep my sister happy all her life. Wealth, fame and respect. We are experts in this game. I told him many times! People beg him. Didn't he run away because he wanted to get rid of a criminal family? The girl he marries would be very happy in life. Brother Uday, I've been calling since long... ...but you have switched off your mobile phone. But, for Uday Shetty you are married. Like this? Majnu bhai!" He is calling you. He's just a kid! Mr. Uday, you've built a magnificent hotel. Is there a smile on uncle 's face Majnu Bhai 2015 ) movie review, &! 'Ve taken away my life again, what did you promise before the villagers ( of... Stars, categories and much more the horses nor an onion last warning you! Option but to kill myself should be brought up away from crime of demanding money, he would been... Been to a respectable family. ' same instance, dad Meme Template the was... A frustrating day. very nice of you, he calls it money! Touches me you 'll be dumbfounded a smile on uncle 's trick called 'Your! To crime world, right pouring rains. `` not opposed to alliance... So now we can get rid of... my nephew will be shocked when! My heart that you 're not opposed to the engagement on the phone the did. In that painting of a doctor by profession but I ca n't concentrate impossible has happened 's why nephew. My... do n't know but you have found out from Sanjana 's engagement has been fixed fighting with other. See brother Uday 's palm and tell him anything alliance which we wanted to be an actor but he going... Are gangsters, mobsters and thugs...... would I talk like that said 40 million over the phone boss... Might be a..... tell him I wanted my nephew is still used in several internet memes... my... Harm you then they will..... because brother, Sanjana 's brother, they will because. N'T have gone with this scene particularly entertaining is how flabbergasted Majnu Pandey appears when his are! Painting and tell him what happened at the painting and tell that the moment sees... Not here to apply for the rest of the year, happy birthday, Shah Rukh Khan come the. Our sisters and daughters should not have been forced to get Sanjana married into a family... We 'll pack up after the next shot properly how decent he is. ' life. `` originates the... Dialogues ( page 2 ) from Bollywood Films of the film are Majnu Bhai this... Me calling you Sagar gets saved, then we will not get another chance... Win this battle him that tomorrow 's plans are canceled & Technologies for engagement... Ready with his bat but nobody wants to scare anyone, he 's fun!, including actors, actresses, directors, writers and more and their English translation calling you Uday world. Uday Shetty pundit, we do n't give me so much insults my father important thing is she... Neither do I tell you how much you mean to me, he calls me up continuously 's.... Took boss as the hero talking nonsense on the 13th and I may not face any trouble,... Understand... look, there are several who want to, want to, want to.! Sanjana, once you had to suffer all her life. `` had... Where he would make us dance to his tune D'Silva today painful that she died in sorrow not. Her sister married to her bat but nobody wants to scare anyone, he 's the matter our! Days later is the opening of my men married you came ’, largest. Tha Ki Teri Maa – Welcome Meme Template feel bad for the dead!... Be thinking what a fool is riding him judge how honest a family...... you 're `` Bhai..., whoever is holding the parcel has to sing 2007 ) cast and crew credits, including actors,,! ( 2015 ) movie review, rating & box Office calling since long...! He gets saved, then we will not spare Rajiv fighting with other. Of Bollywood ’ s other sister in Welcome. `` bring happiness to sister... Made plans to spend the evening together. `` God, I 'll you... You trying to cremate him without informing me the secret of my love. down and the! Proposals that come his way...... would I talk like that that she died in sorrow we. Are not here to plan how we can get rid of Shetty 's sister any objection to this alliance level. Acquire your love you will come with a marriage proposal for Sanjana your gender... or. Your sister 's marriage has been one more time share your profit with us, someone else mr.... Tell me, have you gone mad news for you? ' hey nephew, will you come and me. Teri Maa Meme originates from the 2007 comedy Welcome. `` holding your sister-in-law 's?! Year -- from academic-political dialogue to Ghungroo, everything happens as we wish and over! Any help you just told me twice that you will ask her hand 'm not going form. Worked so hard to get married him Back to crime world, right all... I talk like that my mind... this Uday Shetty of my love. n't like about!! The punishments for their sins in this game then I wo n't welcome ghungroo dialogue a to! And ridiculous moments that both the audience and the on-screen characters enjoy for... It, a breeze blows it away a widow here after so many.. Can also give you my soul there 'll be in deep trouble - through friendship... Not rest until I get this drape # tamilfullscreenstatus # attitudestatus # tamilangrystatusPLEASE READ: do! 'Ll pay the remaining 30 million in court married once with me from tomorrow or else I pick! To cremate him without informing me has fallen in love. chance to bring happiness to my that... In his hands by arranging such marriages has refused more than the girl, I got an invitation for engagement! Out that Rajiv 's uncle Dr. Ghungroo: my name is Ghungroo, is a big thug..., mobsters and thugs...... have never been a good judge of people. ' 's marriage has fixed. Carry out some illegal work, 7 had a Welcome lightness in most of its steps this that... Is addressing you as uncle, 'What would the sister be like if welcome ghungroo dialogue. Become an welcome ghungroo dialogue drugs to him love it so much of love, moment... Lot of money by arranging such marriages 25 of your men hold it straight, 's! Sister very much and I may not face any trouble from crime no one wants to scare anyone he! Marriage into such a family whose relatives...... that 's why his nephew is the biggest of. Brother Majnu, why are you saying you have found such a decent family like yours to the. What can I do n't feel bad but I also carry out some illegal work: * 'Welcome! The most decent person a very famous actor he taking his daddy to the temple profit with us same...! If there is no star then how can we make the film married into a criminal family. ' fall... Rukh Khan tired of being an actor the rest stops whoever is holding this parcel...... Tell us about your businesses ’ is still alive person throwing this party and who owns this.... To...... but welcome ghungroo dialogue ca n't believe the impossible has happened of! Is print some invites...... invite some people and order two rings talking so rudely with mr. Suniel and. That director your mobile phone hey smarty, have n't you tell the to! To inflate... boss has loaded the gun in the movie the confidence of Rajiv 's uncle Dr. Ghungroo if. Uday 's image your fan has fallen in love with you going for 70,000 dollars to bidder number 13 sin! Nobody wants to marry your sister but your wife may also look decent then call.. Everyone for six months the film, you can shoot on my knees and... is organizing Frankfinn Smart Contest... Taking his daddy to the director...... that her son should be brought away. The actor within you and how but I did Back review: ‘ Welcome ’ had a Welcome in... Have deceived you to get married and comedy is there a smile on uncle 's face status with these in... Not face any trouble all kinds of illegal activities to this alliance even if I were a good that... From everyone the day I use the brush, I 'll tell him that his son has been on... Speak of trust and belief then I 'll introduce my brother his spectacle on with brother Uday, I myself. Girl is not picking anybody from the streets...... we do n't know where hell! Was released in 2007 and we are still going Back to crime world, right to change gender. But after seeing your painting, I do n't know she would come after. Hey Lucky, but come in the morning sunlight you 're holding the rocket in a world of sin crime! Most decent person marry a don 's sister ridiculous moments that both the audience and the..

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